Membership Benefits

  • Monthly meetings with guest speakers
  • Flower and photography shows 2 times a year
  • Gardening special events in and around our community
  • Annual plant sale, seed exchanges, local garden tours, and bus trip
  • Tuesday morning civic beautification activities by the “Diggin’ in the Dirt” group, which maintains more than 20 flower beds in parks and public gardens in and around Fergus.

Monthly Newsletter

Our newsletter – “A Worm’s Eye View” – is sent out monthly by e-mail.  In order to receive this newsletter, please sign up

Membership Registration

Annual membership fee is $15 for adult and $5 for junior associate. 

Pay by e-Transfer to In the message section, please include the name of the registrant(s), since this may not be obvious from your e-mail address.

If you wish to pay in cash, please do so at the members’ meeting.

The Junior associate, under 18, must be accompanied by a supervising adult or guardian who maintains a full membership.

Service Recognition

Life Membership

Life membership is awarded to those members who have been long time members, have maintained a continued interest in horticulture, and have participated in the Society and contributed to its program.

Kathy Bouma, Marj Dow, Julia Kron, Darlene Tremblay, Rienk Vlietstra, Roberta Vlietstra, Christine Whitehead

50 Year Member

Marj Dow

25 Year Members

Kathy Bouma, Julie Kron, Reink Vlietstra, Roberta Vlietstra

10 Year Members

2023: Janet Brothers, John Cuming, Nikki Logan, Lorraine Maxim, Sue Niit, Bernie Siegmund, Nancy Van Veen

Previous Awardees: Sue Blue, Greg Boland, Jean Collier, Millie Cuming, Bev Dawson, Bob Dawson, Connie DiPisa, Karen Eddie, Mary Epoch, Michelle Goff, Kathy Granger, Penny Humphries, Jennifer Johnson, Cathy Kidston, Phil Kidston, Betty Knight, George Kron, George P Kron, Helen Lacroix, Claude Lacroix, Lloyd Lougheed, Harv Manderson, Marg Manderson, Linda Murray, Nancy Marshall, Claire McKay, Randy McLean, Sharon Oughton, Graham Oughton, Matilda Parsons, Bert Peel, Marilyn Peel, Liz Redshaw, Mary Reimer, Vic Reimer, Maria Spinato, Colleen Telford, Robert Telford, Darlene Tremblay, Nico Van der Sluis, Meg Walsh

Privacy Policy for Members

The Society takes the privacy of our members very seriously. As such, telephone numbers, addresses, and email addresses of our Members are considered private and confidential. No information will be shared, except with members who need the information to perform their duties for the society.

In accordance with Canadian anti-spam legislation, society members must sign up to subscribe to email communications from the society, including our newsletter.

Members who wish to no longer subscribe to email communications must unsubscribe, using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of an email they receive.

To communicate with members of the society’s board, please click on Contact Us