History & Mission

Since 1857, our Society has been dedicated to preserving the horticultural heritage in Fergus, and our Society members work hard to enhance our community’s natural beauty.

The Fergus Horticultural Society is one of many contributors to a rich community life in Fergus and surrounding areas.

Our Society is a non-profit, volunteer organization under the guidance and support of the Ontario Horticultural Association.

Our Objectives are to encourage interest and improvement in horticulture by:

  • holding meetings, respecting the theory and practice of horticulture
  • promoting and encouraging community beautification projects
  • arranging field trips, contests and exhibitions related to horticulture and the awarding of prizes
  • distribution of seeds, plants, bulbs, flowers, trees and shrubs
  • promoting the protection of the environment and the therapeutic use of horticulture
  • promoting the circulation of horticultural information through the media and online

Monthly meetings and participation in the maintenance of many of the public gardens around Fergus provide our members with many opportunities for the interchange of ideas and learning. In particular it provides opportunities for recent arrivals to meet new friends and integrate into their new community.

2024 Board of Directors

President (2024-2025)
Ken Johnston

Vice-President (2024-2025)
Mary-Ann Branciẻre

Secretary (2022 -2024)
Claire McKay

Treasurer (2022-2024)
Joyce Giddings

Past President (2024-2025)
Karen Eddie

2024-2025 Directors

Bob Crane
Betty-Anne McBey
Meg Walsh
Cheryl Yuill

2023-2024 Directors

Jennifer Johnson
Patty Searle-Johnston
Marty Papernick


2024 Committees

Card Convenor           Betty Knight

Civic Beautification    Bev Dawson, Bert Peel, Marilyn Peel, all the Diggers in the Dirt 

Flower shows              Kathy Bouma, Sharon & Graham Oughton, Wendy Jamieson, Allan Jamieson, Meg Walsh, Larry Broome

Garden Tour                Bert Peel, Marilyn Peel, Mary-Ann Branciẻre, Patty Searle-Johnson

Grand Gardens           Ken Johnston, Patty Searle-Johnson, Doreen Broome, Larry Broome

Marketing                    Cheryl Yuill, Claire McKay, Krista Eelkema, Ken Johnson

Meetings                      Julia Kron, Darlene Tremblay, Ken Johnston

Membership                Patty Searle-Johnson, Lesley Mallett, Meg Walsh, Mary-Ann Branciẻre

Newsletter                   Randy McLean

Pansies                         …

Program                       Jennifer Johnson

Plant Sale                    Michelle Goff, Kathy Bouma, Randy McLean

Seedy Saturday          Fred Mallett

Social                            Doreen Broome, Mary Epoch, Wendy Jamieson, Mary-Ann Branciẻre

Yearbook                      Claire McKay

Bus Trip                         …


Hands of women holding spring flowers

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